Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 22" H X 32" W
Date Location: Copyright, Lower margin, Both Sides
Cover Description: A white background with title in black across top.  Photo of bullrushes in water located in center of cover, supplied by Ontario Ministry of Recreation and Tourism. Red Cross logo and name across the bottom.  A cover tail folds out with a hollow Red Cross and the title "Join the Lifeline".
Scale: 1" = approximately 20 miles.
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Legend, Traffic Accident First Aid, Scale, Map of Ottawa, OPP information, Index of Villages, Towns, Cities.
Opposite Side Features: Front and Rear Covers, Cover Tail, Map of Northern Ontario, Mileage Chart, Maps of Thunder Bay, Sault Se. Marie, feature - Red Cross answers the blood donor's questions.
Other:  Published by Map Art, Division of Schwerdt Graphic Arts Ltd., Brampton, Ontario.
Note: The maps used in this Red Cross Life Saver Edition are identical to the ones used in the Official Road Map of Ontario.

Rear Cover 
Cover Extension
Accident 1
Accident 2
Accident 3