Folded Dimensions:
Open Dimensions:15” X 23” unfolded, while the actual map is 12 ½” X 23”
Date Location: Date not located on map - see below.
Cover Description: Red background, white title in bowtie shape.  Coat of arms at the bottom and the message "You'll Enjoy Shopping at Simpsons in Toronto" in the center of the cover. 
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Other: Thanks to map collector John Buckberrough for sharing this map from his collection. 
Note: This map has been determined to be circa 1959 - the Gardiner Expressway is un-named on the map, but shown under construction. (Built between 1955 and 1964).  The Eglinton extension over the Don River shown complete. Leslie between Lawrence & Eglinton is inbuilt.  The area covered by the map extends from “Malton” airport to Markham Road (Hwy 48) and north to Finch Avenue.

The story behind the Coat of Arms on the Cover 
Old Coat of Arms

The former City of Toronto had a coat of arms prior to amalgamation in 1998. The shield consisted of four quarters separated by a white cross charged with a red maple leaf. The first quarter was red and charged with three golden lions as an allusion to the coat of arms of England, the second quarter was blue with a white stylized rose to allude to York, the third quarter was blue with a white cog wheel for industry, and the fourth quarter displayed a steam boat in gold on red to represent the importance of the lake and waterways in and around the city. 

In an earlier version of the arms; as observed on the map cover, a beaver was shown in place of the white rose, and a sheaf of wheat instead of the cog wheel.  In addition, the First Nations supporter in the earlier coat of arms was a Chief holding an axe, and both supporters were facing directly across to one another.  For simplicity the map makers for Simpsons removed the supporters and crest and included only the shield.