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Cover Description: White background with Mobil Gas logo and the White Star name across the bottom. 
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Main Legend Side Features: Lower Ontario
Opposite Side Features:  Northern Ontario
Note: Lithographed in the Canada.  The scan of this map was provided to this site by Dave Rowlison.  Dave made the following comments about this map - which he purchased on eBay.   He thought the map would be made by W. S. McAlpine like the Michigan zone maps from White Star but there is no so indication of such on the map.  There wasn't any dating info observed but this map closely matches the cover of the 1934 zone maps except for there being no red corners on the cover. The inside cover panels are reverse to the zone maps.

Front Cover
Rear CoverRear Cover 
Lithograph Information
Road Guide
Legend for Lower Ontario
Southwestern ON
Southwestern Ontario
Clmatic Control
Climatic Control Gasoline Information and Northen Ontario Legend.

 White Star was a Detroit company that also marketed in Western Ontario. Vacuum Oil (later Mobil) bought it in 1930 and added the Mobilgas logo.