Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9.5"
Open Dimensions: 21" H X 31" W
Date Location: There is no date on the map. There is a code on the rear page of  "B7/5."  The Minister of Tourism and Information - Fern Guidon, who's name is in the map, held that position from March 1st, 1971 until February 2, 1972. Based on these dates and the fact that he held the post for 10 months in 1971 and only 30 days in 1972 - it is assumed that this is a 1971 edition of the map.
Cover Description: Photograph viewing south from the 1000 Island Parkway on front cover of the 1000 Islands Bridge with Highway 137 crossing the St. Lawrence River via Georgina and Constance Islands.
Date Code: B7/5 - see above
Scale: Not stated
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Inset Map of Northern Ontario, Map of The St. Lawrence Parks Commission properties, Picnic Spots - Attractions and Camping Areas Legend, The Niagara Parks Commission Properties Inset Map.
Opposite Side Features: Cover, Photos with write-ups on Provincial Parks, History, Picnics, an Official Welcome, Conservations areas, Camping and Hiking. Lists of Provincial Parks, Conservation Authority Parks, St. Lawrence Parks Commission parks, Niagara Parks Commission parks, Ontario Government Travel Center Information, Historic Sites and Museum locations.
Other: This map was produced by the Department to of Tourism and Information to promote recreation in the province.
Note: Thanks to Daina Kalnins for her donation of this map to the web site.  Thank you.

Conservation Camping
The map featured on this page was donated to this site by Daina Kalnins. The map, prior to photoshopping, had a stamp from George Nixon on the cover. Mr. Nixon was an elected member of the Ontario Provincial Legislature from October 21st, 1971 until August 11, 1975.  He was also the father of Daina's best friend and this map held special memories for her.  Connections such as these, give the collecting of maps a personal perspective and as such, I would like to thank Daina for parting with this map so it could be included on this site. 
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History Picnic
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