Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 9.75""
Open Dimensions: 45.75 W X 29.25 H
Date Location:  Date code on the lower right corner of the northern Ontario side of the map.  At the bottom of the legend it reads - "Information compiled to January 1st, 2016".
Cover Description:  MTO 100th Anniversary Cover.   A 4.5" W X 4.75" H illustration collage is located on the cover.  Included from the top down on the left side is: 1) Toronto, Highway 401 facing east from Woodbine Avenue in 1956 from the Ontario Archives; 2) Official Opening of the Nipigon River Bridge on Highway 17 in 1937 from The Camera Shop, Port Arthur; 3) Highway 15 at Bell's Corners in 1948 from the Ministry of Transportation files; and 4) Rock Cut, 4 1/2 miles south of Gravenhurst, Highway #11 in 1938 from the Archives of Ontario.  On the right side of the collage is a detail from the painting of the "Queen Elizabeth Way - The Super Highway" 1966 by Moma Markovich
mto 100The map title and MTO100th Anniversary Shield is on the upper third of the cover. Across thebottom is a 1-800-ONTARIO phone number along with web addresses, the Ontario Motto "Yours To Discover" and the Ontario logo.  The price on the cover is $2.95.
Date Code: 16/805,000
Southern Ontario Scale: 1:700,000
Northern Ontario Scale: 1:1,600,000
Enlargement of Communities Scale: 1:250,000
Main Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Settlement Index - Southern Ontario, Enlargement of the Greater Toronto and Niagara Peninsula Areas, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Emergency Detour Route Information, Map Scale (1:700,000 - main map and 1:250,000 - enlargement of communities), scale map, Highway Roundabouts, enlargements of 14 communities, advertising for Ste.Marie Among the Hurons, Kawartha Northumberland Butter Tart Tour, Ontario Travelnet and OWL Rafting.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Settlement Index - Northern Ontario, "Traveling in Ontario" Information Legend, Map Scale, Distance Triangle, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Ontario Travel Information Number 511, Highway Roundabouts, Map Publication, Enlargements of 10 communities, advertising for 1000 Island Cruises, Fort William Historical Park, Northern Ontario Travel web site.
Compiled By: Geomatics Office, Ministry of Transportation, Printed by the Queen's Printer for Ontario.
Note: The map was created from the Digital Cartographic Reference Base (DCRB) produced by the Geometrics Office, Ministry of Transportation, St. Catharines, ON

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