Folded Dimensions: 3 1/2" X 8 1/2"
Open Dimensions: 21 1/2" Wide X 17" High
Date Location: Cover
Cover Description: A greenback background with a black border.  The OML logo is centered with the title above.= with the OIML address below.  The price of 25 cents is also listed on the cover.
Date Code: N/A
Scale: Toronto Side: 1" = 2 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: Front and rear covers, large map of Metropolitan Toronto, Index of Places, Legend.
Opposite Side Features: Maps of King's Highways through Toronto, Downtown Toronto, and Municipalities in Metropolitan Toronto. Articles on; Some Places of Special Interest, Picnic Parks, and Golf Clubs.
Other: Thanks to Charles Yolleck of Toronto for the donation of this map.
Note: Published in Canada

Toronto Cover
Toronto RearCover 
Downtown Toronto including the OML Offices! 
Kings Highways
King's Highway Routes through the City.
Metro TorontoMetro Toronto showing all the 13 boroughs.
Golf Clubs Golf Clubs?  This 1958 OML map had several listed for enthusiasts. 
Overall 1
Overall 2