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Date Location: There is no date on this publication.  An estimate of date published was based on the name of Berlin still being present on the map.
Cover Description: Tan colored background.  Title in black lettering across the upper half of the cover.  The price is in the center and the company name is at the bottom.
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Other: The City of Berlin, Ontario was renamed to Kitchener, Ontario on September 1st, 1916 as a result of the ongoing conflict with Germany during World War I. Berlin was the capital of Germany and locals thought it inappropriate that their city also be called Berlin. It is likely that it would be 1917 before a map was published with the new name of Kitchener printed on it, however, the possibility exists a non-Berlin edition could be published in the last 3 months of 1916. Therefore it is assumed this publication is from 1915 or earlier. Musson was publishing eastern and western editions of their Ontario maps in later days of their history.  The fact that this edition covers all of Ontario also suggests that it is from 1915 or earlier.
Note: Thanks to Keith Gallacher for this contribution from his collection.

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