Chronology of Changes - The Official Road Map of Ontario has gone through continual changes since its' inception and first publication.  This article helps in tracking some of those changes.
Deciphering Date Codes - Maps don't always include a year of publishing on the front cover in a prominent place. For map collectors it can be a challenge to identify what year a map was published in. Different map manufacturers used different means of coding their publishing dates.  There are some clues here to help determine dates when maps were made.
Road Map Collectors Association - The main focus of my website is Ontario maps.  The RMCA has members across North America that collect every type of map imaginable.  If you are interested in maps other than those from Ontario - then visiting the RMCA website is a good place to look.
Links -  If you are interested in looking at a website featuring Ontario Road Maps, then you will likely enjoy visiting the sites I have listed here.
Understanding Map Scales - A very simple explanation.