Dimensions: 8.75" X 8"
Date Location: Not Dated - However based on comparisons with the Official Maps of Ontario, it would appear that the 1962 Official Map is used in the book.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Premier: John P. Robarts
Minister of Travel and Publicity: Bryan L. Cathcart
Published By: Ontario Ministry of Travel and Publicity
Description:  This 28 page book is broken down into 22 tours which can be taken throughout the province.  The province is divided into eleven  areas with two tours being suggested for each area.  A black, white and blue portion of the official map is presented on one page with the tours shown on the map. The opposite page describes the tour in words.  The back cover folds out to provide a map of the Trans-Canada highway in Ontario.  Significant mileage points along the highway are described on the facing pages.


 Front Cover
 Rear Cover
 Welcoming message inside the front cover.
 Page three features a description of the Ontario Section of the Trans-Canada Highway.  This information is followed up with the route map on the back of the rear cover.
 The map above and description page below are representative of the layout used throughout the book.
Inside the Rear Cover