This was a token envelope which contained a precounted 20 tokens.  The tokens cost 15 cents purchased individually or 20 could be bought for $1.00 at the time the skyway opened in 1958.  The tolls annoyed motorists, and the takers of the tolls -- mostly war vets -- said it was no picnic out there. The steady stench of dead fish and factory fumes filled the air and the car and truck exhaust curled up into their booths.
And then then there were the reported sadistic drivers who heated nickels, dimes and tokens in their car cigarette lighters and dropped the red hot currency into the toll collector's hand.
The Skyway went toll-free at the end of 1973.
Toll 1 
Before regular motor vehicles were allowed through the toll gates, a ceremonial horse and buggy passed through.  The carriage being driven by Provincial Constable Thomas Morkin. His son Tommy accompanied him. 
Toll 2 
The toll gate is opened and 15 cents is collected from the motorist.  A commercial truck could cost as much as 45 cents for the trip over the skyway.  The actual truck toll was dependant on weight.
Toll 3
Open for regular business.. eleven booths were used to collect tolls and they were in use until December of 1973.