Folded Dimensions: 3.5" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 22" W X 34" H
Date Location: Cover
Cover Description:  White background, Ontario Coat of Arms in top centre.  Title in the middle of the cover, department and ministers at the bottom.  Minister's name corrected with a red stamp! 
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale Both Sides: 1" :  16 miles
Northeastern Ontario Side: Title, Legend, Map
Northwestern Ontario Side: Title, Legend, Map
Minister: Peter Heenan, Department of Northern Development
Deputy Minister: C. H. Fullerton
Other: The road between Hearst and Cochrane is shown as completed in this version. The road between Port Arthur / Fort William and Kenora is shown almost complete except for a section east of Kenora. It is interexting to note that on July 1st, 1935 a motorcade left Port Arthur / Fort William, travelling to Winnipeg over a period of 2 days, to celebrate the official opening of the new highway.
Note: Many thanks to Willie Frey for sharing this map from his collection.

Kenora RainyRiver Area Icon
Kenora - Rainy River Area
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Pt Arthur Ft William Area Icon
Port Arthur - Fort William Area
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NW Title
NE Title
Hearst Iroquois-Falls Icon
 Hearst - Iroquois Falls Area
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Signs Legend
 Road Signs and Legend portion of the map.  Interestingly, it can be seen that the road into Algonquin Park was under construction at this point.