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Date Location: Map title
Cover Description: (The cover described here is of a booklet which promoted the recently completed Ferguson Highway.  The map was just an insert in the booklet, but one of the first published by the Department of Northern Development.)  
Black and white photograph with a modern automobile passing a hillside of rocks, presumably along the Ferguson Highway.  The provincial coat of arms is centered on the top of the cover and the province's name is in bold lettering below with the highway name below that. A subtilte of "Beauty Spots and Points of Interest in Northern Ontario" is in the lower portion of the cover with the Department of Northern Development and address is across the bottom.  The rear cover is the same as the front except a picture overlooking a lake is featured.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale Both Sides: 1" = 20 Miles
Northeastern Ontario Side: Title, Scale Legend, Map of Northern Ontario, eastern side.  This map was included in the booklet shown below. 
Minister: W. Finlayson, Department of Northern Development
Deputy Minister: C. H. Fulleron
Other: The Ferguson Highway was a 260 mi (420 km) long gravel trunk road in Ontario, Canada. Built between 1925-1927 from the city of North Bay to the town of Cochrane, it was created to connect the growing agricultural and mining communities of Northern Ontario with other areas further south.
Several sections of rebuilt local roads were incorporated into the Ferguson Highway, with the final link being completed through the thick forest of Temagami. The highway was officially opened on July 2, 1927, and was named in honor of Premier George Howard Ferguson. It quickly became an important access route to settlements and tourist areas in Northern Ontario. Throughout the following 30 years, the Ferguson Highway was extensively bypassed by the current routing of Highway 11.  Please refer to Wikipedia for additional information.
Note:  Thanks very much to Paul Lantz of  providing permission to reprint the below images from his website.

Front Cover
Rear Cover
Rear Cover
Post card showing the entrance to the Ferguson Highway in North Bay - 1929
Entrance Rear
Reverse side of postcard - Text: Monday, Noon, North Bay, Ontario, August 26th, 1929
Dear Marie: - We are now cooking dinner and as soon as we are through we will leacve for front of our drive to Toronto.  We expect to make about 125 miles this afternoon.  Love Ed.
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