Folded Dimensions: 4" X 8.5"
Open Dimensions: 40" W X 24.5" H
Date Location: Title / Legend
Cover Description: It does not have a cover page as such, but on the front of the folded map is written in calligraphy “Northern Ontario 1945”. Below that, on this particular map, was written lightly in pencil “Special”. The word "Special" was erased. It suggests that the map was a special edition and maybe not many were published and/or distributed due to wartime budget restrictions.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale Both Sides: 1":19 miles
Minister: George H. Doucett
Deputy Minister: J.D. Millar
Other: Lithographed in Canada by Copp Clark Co., Toronto, Canada
Note: While this map was obviously published by the Ontario government there is no indication of which department, other than the names of the Minister of Highways and the Deputy Minister. There is no credit shown for the lithographer, but the style of lithography is the same as the war years and earlier maps done by Copp Clark. One improvement on this map is bolder place names of cities and major towns.
Perhaps the most notable feature of this map is that it shows the Trans Canada Airway (see legend). This was an air route across Canada established by the federal government, begun in the 1920’s. Its purpose was to provide airplane pilots with more or less constant radio communication as well as landing strips (Intermediate Aerodromes) spaced approximately 50 miles apart between principal airports.
Another feature of the map shows Height of Land demarcation – the line from which water from rivers and streams flows either north to Hudson Bay or south to the Great Lakes.  
The map also shows Highway 11 completed between Hearst and Geraldton – (it was opened in 1943 but the re-issued war years maps continued to show it as under construction).
For an interesting story about a small town named Swastika and the impact of WWII on it's name - please click HERE.
Many thanks to Willie Frey for providing scans of this map from his collection.


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