Folded Dimensions: 4.5" X 10"
Open Dimensions: 45" W X 29" H
Date Location: Not Dated
Cover Description:  A colored painting of a Canada Goose in the foreground with a collage of smaller same style drawings in the background, including a jumping fish, moose in a lake, deer looking at a family camping and a hiker beside a canoe.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Side A Scale: 1" = 37.5 miles
Side B Scale: 1" = 21 miles
Side A Features: Legend, map of Northern Ontario highlighting wildlife populations.  12 colored panels with paintings and descriptions of Ontario.
Side B Features: Front and rear covers, panel with message from the Premier, legend, map of Northern Ontario with features noted of the areas, mileage table, 8 colored panels.
Premier: John P. Robarts
MinisterGeorge E Gomme, Department of Highways, Ontario
Other: Lithographed in Canada

Rear Cover
There are panels throughout the map which through text
and paintings describe the history and features of Northern
Ontario.  Click on the panel above to access all twelve
 panels featured in this map.
Click on above to see full sized version.
North Arrow Used on this Map.