Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 8.5"
Open Dimensions: 41 W X 25 H
Date Location: Front Cover & Legend
Cover Description: Sky blue background at top with dark blue ONTARIO lettering with white highlights.  A series of five color drawings are situated on either side of a winding highway; an industrial building in a forest, log workers directly logs floating down a river, a combine drawn by a tractor harvesting hay, cows grazing by a dairy barn and ships along side grain storage silos.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Southern Ontario Scale: 1" : 14 miles
Northern Ontario Scale: 1" : 28 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario with legend, Index of Lakes, Index of Cities, Towns & Villages - (Southern Ontario), 'Ontario Highway First Aid System' information, 'What to do in case of an Accident' information and 'District EngineersAddresses & Telephone numbers'.
Opposite Side Features: Close up maps of 40 communities, Map of Northern Ontario with legend, Mileage Tables, Illustrations of Regulatory Signs, Index of Cities, Towns and Villages - (Northern Ontario), Official Travel Information and Ontario Provincial Police Locations.
Mileage Tables: Highways No.2  through to Highway No. 136 & Controlled Access Highways; QEW, 400, 401 & 402
Compiled By: C. P. Robins.
Prime Minister: John P. Robarts
Minister: W. A. Goodfellow, Department of Highways
Deputy Minister: W. J. Fulton, Department of Highways

 North Arrow Used On This Map
62Accident     62Engineers