Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 8.5"
Open Dimensions: 36.5 W X 25 H
Date Location: Front Cover & Legend
Cover Description: Sky blue on the top with red, yellow and white lettering on the face of the cover.  A colored aerial photograph of the Avenue Road - 401 interchange in Toronto is featured.  (See note below.)
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Southern Ontario Scale: 1" : 14 miles
Northern Ontario Scale: 1" : 28 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario with legend, 'District Engineers Addresses & Telephone numbers' and close up maps of 36 communities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario with legend, Mileage Chart, Illustrations of Regulatory Signs, Index of Lakes, Cities, Towns and Villages - (Northern & Southern Ontario), Official Travel Information, Ontario Provincial Police Locations, Ontario Highway First Aid System, Provincial map showing Routes from Other Provinces and States and "What to do in Case if an Accident", "List of Standard Broadcasting Stations in Ontario" and close up maps of 6 communities.
Compiled By: C. P. Robins.
Prime Minister: John P. Robarts
Minister: C. S. MacNaughton, Department of Highways
Deputy Minister: A. T. C. McNab, Department of Highways
Other: Lithographed in Canada by Ashton-Potter Limited
Note:  With this issue of the map, counties and districts became more easily recognized as they were colored differently from each other.



From the rear cover of the map: " The largest project ever undertaken by the Department of Highways to widen 17 miles of Highway 401 from Islington Avenue to Highway 48, across the top of Metropolitan Toronto, is now under construction.  This aerial view shows the first completed portion from the Avenue Road interchange westerly for one mile.  By the end of the year six miles will have been completed between Yonge Street and Highway 400 including mammoth three level interchanges at the new Spadina Expressway and Highway 400.  Basically the highway consists of six central lanes, three in each directions for traffic traveling relatively long distances and six collector - distributor lanes, three in each direction for traffic traveling shorter distances.
This photograph from the Ministry of Transportation shows paving of the 401 near Avenue Road in 1964. (Ontario Archives)





North Arrow Used On This Map
In 1964 radio stations were included in the map for the first time.  Here is the 1965 list.
  65Northern On