Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 8.5"
Open Dimensions: 37.75 W X 25 H
Date Location: Front Cover & Legend
Cover Description: A color photograph of Highway 69 (later Highway 169) alongside a body of water near Bala.  An over hanging pine tree frames the cover, while other trees have changed to bright fall colors.  The main title of the map is in yellow and white in the blue sky area.  A lone red sedan approaches and additional writing in the bottom portion of the cover is in white.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Southern Ontario Scale: 1" : 14 miles
Northern Ontario Scale: 1" : 28 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario with legend, 'District Engineers Addresses & Telephone numbers' and close up maps of 37 communities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario with legend, Mileage Chart, Illustrations of Regulatory Signs, Index of Lakes, Cities, Towns and Villages - (Northern & Southern Ontario), Official Travel Information, Ontario Provincial Police Locations, Ontario Highway First Aid Posts, Provincial map showing Routes from Other Provinces and States and "What to do in Case if an Accident", "List of Standard Broadcasting Stations in Ontario", "List of FM Radio Stations " and close up maps of 6 communities.
Compiled By: K. G. Gould.
Prime Minister: John P. Robarts
Minister: C. S. MacNaughton, Department of Highways
Deputy Minister: A. T. C. McNab, Department of Highways
Other: Lithographed in Canada by Ashton-Potter Limited
Note: In Sources of Information section - "This map was revised in July, 1966"

 1966 saw another major change in the way the Department of Highways produced their maps.  A new folding system was incorporated where locating communities on the map became much easier.  The back cover had an "Instructions For the Use of Map" area and small key maps were included as well.
FM stations were added to the 1966 map as well as a few more AM Stations.
 North Arrow Used On This Map
The accordion - like folding facilitated easy opening of the map to the specific area of interest, instead of "wrestling" with a larger map - looking on the back side at the index of cities, towns and villages and then flipping it over to look for the co-ordinates in the columns and then lining them up for the correct location.  With the new system, the "page" was opened at the correct number and then the sides were scanned for the correct letter and number.
Map showing Bala - the municipality near the location of the cover photo.