Version "A" - Premier John P Robarts name on the Cover
Version "B" - Premier William G. Davis name on the cover
Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 8.5"
Open Dimensions: 37.50 W X 25 H
Date Location: Front Cover
Cover Description: The cover is a color photograph of a two lane highway which curves in the distances and has both evergreens and trees changing color in the autumn on each side of the road.  All text is in white.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Southern Ontario Scale: 1" : 14 miles
Northern Ontario Scale: 1" : 28 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario with legend, "List of Standard Broadcasting Stations in Ontario", "List of FM Radio Stations ", Ontario Provincial Police Locations, Ontario Highway First Aid Post Locations, "What to do In Case of an Accident", Official Travel Information, and close up maps of 38 communities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario with legend, Mileage Chart, Illustrations of Regulatory Signs, Index of Lakes, Cities, Towns and Villages - (Northern & Southern Ontario),  Provincial map showing Routes from Other Provinces and States and close up maps of 6 communities.
Compiled By: Photogrammetry Office, Department of Highways
Premier: John P Robarts & William G. Davis
Minister: Charles MacNaughton, Department of Highways
Deputy Minister: A. T. C. McNab, Department of Highways
Note:  The amount of Northern Ontario shown on this map is expanded northwards to include a small portion of Hudson Bay - the District if Kenora is included.  Indexing of Lakes in Northern and Southern Ontario were discontinued with this edition of the map.  This is the first Official Ontario Road map to include all of northern Ontario.
Thanks: I would like to thank Charles Neuschafer of New World Maps, in Lake Worth Florida; a long time member of the Road Map Collectors of America, for bringing to my attention that two issues of this Official Road Map had been issued.  One with Premier Robarts name and subsequent one with the new Premier's name - William Grenville Davis.  I also appreciate that he provided a scan of the cover of the map with Premier Davis' name showing.  


Version "A"


Version "B"

 North Arrow Used On This Map
Rear of Both Maps
The District of Muskoka makes an appearance for the first time on the Official Ontario map.


As does the Regional Municipality of York
 71 417
First evidence of the construction of the 417 appears this year.