Version "A" - English Only Used on Map
Version "B" - Bilingual Version - French added throughout the map.
Folded Dimensions: 5.25" X 10""
Open Dimensions: 41 W X 29 H
Date Location: On Cover and at top of Legend; " Information Compiled to January 1, 1978".
Cover Description - A color photograph from Algonquin Park of a curving road beside a body of water with a single vehicle.  Trees are changing to autumn colors and clear blue sky is visible at the top of the cover.  All text is in white except for the blue "Ontario/Canada Official Road Map" at the top.  Version "B" has French added to the "Kilometric Distances" & "Free Distribution" text on the cover and all English inside has been duplicated in French.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Southern Ontario Scale: 1:800,000
Northern Ontario Scale: 1:1,600,000
South Central Ontario Scale: 1:560,000
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario with legend, Map of South-Central Ontario, Ontario's Traffic Signs, Cartographic Information, MTC District Addresses & Telephone Numbers, Ontario Provincial Police Information, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Provincial Transportations Systems and close up maps of 10 communities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Distance Triangle with Kilometric distances, Settlement Index of Cities, Towns and Villages - (Northern & Southern Ontario), Radio Station Guide, Travel & Tourist Publications & Maps, Remote Northern Ontario Transportation and Communications Services and close up maps of 7 communities.
Compiled By: Cartography Section, Surveys & Plans Office, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Premier: William G. Davis
Minister: James Snow, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Deputy Minister: Harold Gilbert, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Note: Mileage Chart name changed to Distance Triangle

  78 79A
Version "A"  Front Cover - Map in English Only
78 79Aback 
Version "A" Back Cover
78 79B
Version "B"  Front Cover - Bilingual - English & French.
78 79Bback
Version "B"  Back Cover - Bilingual - English & French.
 North Arrow Used On This Map
78 79ANote
Version "A" Note
78 79BNote
Version "B" Note

78 79ALegend

Upper Portion of Version "A" Legend

78 79BLegend

Upper Portion of Version "B" Legend