Version "A" (1988) - Date Coded - 88/2,000,000
Version "B" (1989) - Date Coded - 89/1,650,000/R
Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 9.75""
Open Dimensions: 41 W X 29.25 H
Date Location: On Cover and at top of Legend; " Information Compiled to January 1, 1988".
Cover Description:  Both versions have white covers with black text and a color photograph of Highway 6 on Manitoulin Island measuring 3.75" W and 5" H.  The photo portrays two vehicles approaching on the two lane rolling highway.  Sunlight is breaking through in the center of the photograph to highlight autumn colors in the trees.  A 1/4" red bar is across 4/5's of the top edge of the cover.  The "Ontario Incredible" logo and minister's names are at the bottom of the cover in English and French.
Date Code: Version "A" - 1988 Edition - 88/2,000,000  / Version "B" = 1989 Edition - 89/1,650,000/R
Southern Ontario Scale: 1:700,000
Northern Ontario Scale: 1:1,600,000
South Central Ontario Scale: 1:560,000
Main Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Settlement Index - Southern Ontario, Ontario Provincial Police contact number, Tourist Route Legend, Provincial Travel Information Center Information, Map Scale (1:700,000 - main map and 1:250,000 - enlargement of communities), scale map and enlargements of 17 communities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Settlement Index - Northern Ontario, Ontario Traffic Signs, Map Legend, Map Scale, Distance Triangle, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Ontario Travel Information Numbers, Ontario Provincial Police Numbers, enlargements of 10 communities.
Compiled By: Cartography Section, Surveys & Plans Office, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Premier: David R. Peterson
Minister: Ed Fulton, Ministry of Transportation
Deputy Minister: David Hobbs, Ministry of Transportation
Note: Coloring was added to the Distance Scale to make it easier to locate distances.  Small maps of Ontario were added to each side of the map to illustrate the scale being used.

88 89A
Version "A" -  Date Coded -  88/2,000,000
88 89back
Back Cover same on both versions


Version "B" Same as Version "A" but
date coded 89/1,650,000/R
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88 89AScale 
Small maps - added to both sides to indicate the scale being used.
Manitoulin Island - where the cover photograph was taken.
Coloring was added to the distance scale to make tracking the rows easier.