1994 Version "A" Date Coded - (94/3500 SE)
1994 Version "B" Date Coded - (94/880,000)
1995 Version "C" Date Coded - (95/800,000) 
Cover Description:  All 1994/95 versions have a photograph of a recreational vehicle traveling along Highway 17 at Caver's Hill near Rossport.  The photographs measure 3.75" X 6.25".  A Ontario Good Roads Association Logo is on the face of the maps celebrating 100 years of existence.  There is a band of white above and below the photograph with text.  The band across the top has "Ontario" in blue lettering and a price for the map.  Black text is below the photograph with the word "Ontario" with a maple leaf between the A and R.   The following differences occur on the different versions;
- 1994 Version "A" - Special Edition
- 1994 Version "B" - Price on map is $2.00
- 1995 Version "C" - Price on map is $2.95
Date Code: 1994 Version "A" -94/3500SE (Special Limited Edition) / 1994 Version "B" - 94/880,000  / 1995 Version "C - 95/800,000
Southern Ontario Scale: 1:700,000
Northern Ontario Scale: 1:1,600,000
Enlargement of Communities Scale: 1:250,000
Main Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Settlement Index - Southern Ontario, Tourist Route Legend, Provincial Travel Information Center Information, Map Scale (1:700,000 - main map and 1:250,000 - enlargement of communities), scale map,  Speed Conversion Chart and enlargements of 17 communities.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Settlement Index - Northern Ontario, Safety Tips, Map Legend/OPP Information, Map Scale, Distance Triangle, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Ontario Travel Information Numbers, Map Publications, Speed Conversion Chart, Radio Stations and enlargements of 10 communities.
Compiled By: Cartographic Mapping Unit, Ministry of Transportation
Note: The1994/95 maps were the first issues of the map to have a price shown on the cover.  The Ministry of Transportation and Communications name was changed to the Ministry of Transportation.  The Safety tips on the rear cover have changed slightly from the 1992/93 issue.  Many Thanks to fellow collector Bill Walraven for providing the scan of the Commerative Edition of the 1994 Official Ontario Road Map.

1994 Version "A" Date Coded - (94/3500 SE)
94 95B
1994 Version "B" Date Coded - (94/880,000)

94 95C
1995 Version "C" Date Coded (95/800,000)

94 95Cback
1994 / 95 Version "A" "B" "C" Back Cover
 94 95Cover
Location of Cover Photograph 
94 95 407
Construction on Highway 407 continues
94 95COGRA
From the History Section of the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) Website
The OGRA has come a long way from its early days a century ago, when the "Good Roads Train" made its way across Eastern Ontario, pulling into stations with all the latest equipment for road building, and information for local farmers.  In the span of a century, roads and road-building in Ontario have changed more than in all of road-building history.
In 1894, the year OGRA was founded, the horse and wagon still reigned supreme, as they had since Roman times. However, Ontario roads were in a sorry state of disrepair compared to those built by Caesar's legions. Cyclists and "wheelman's" associations were the first to lobby for better roads.
Ontario farmers depended on the railways to transport cattle, dairy products, and other produce to city markets. Even delegates to the founding meeting of the Ontario Good Roads Association were forced to use rail transport to get to and from their meetings. It was because of the vision and conviction of a few dedicated individuals that road reform took place. And the founders of the Ontario Good Roads Association laid the groundwork for a modern province-wide road and highway network.  Through the history and progress of road building in Ontario over the last century the OGRA was there, helping to pave the way.