Folded Dimensions: 4.75" X 9.75""
Open Dimensions: 45.75 W X 29.25 H
Date Location:  Date code on the lower right corner of the northern Ontario side of the map.  At the bottom of the legend it reads - "Information compiled to January 1st, 2006".
Cover Description:  White cover with black text.  A 4" W X 4.5" H photograph is located on the cover showing a single vehicle approaching a rock cut on Highway 118 in Muskoka.  The map title and provincial flag is in the upper half and the ministries, Ontario logo, web site and Drinking and Driving message is on the bottom portion.
Date Code: 06/810,000
Southern Ontario Scale: 1:700,000
Northern Ontario Scale: 1:1,600,000
Enlargement of Communities Scale: 1:250,000
Main Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Settlement Index - Southern Ontario, Enlargement of the Greater Toronto and Niagara Peninsula Areas, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Map Scale (1:700,000 - main map and 1:250,000 - enlargement of communities), scale map, enlargements of 14 communities, advertising for York Region, Durham Region, Saint-Marie among the Hurons and Discovery Harbour.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Settlement Index - Northern Ontario, "Did You Know" Information/OPP Information, Don't Drink & Drive Note,  Legend, Map Scale, Distance Triangle, Provincial Travel Information Centers, Ontario Travel Information Number, Map Publications, Speed Conversion Chart, Radio Stations and enlargements of 10 communities, advertising for Ontario North, Stonegate Inn, Lake Country, Georgian Bay Country and Ontario Power Generation.
Compiled By: Geomatics Office, Ministry of Transportation
Note: Lambert Conformal Projection, Standard Parallels 44 30' N and 53 30' N - Printed by the Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2006.

06 07

06 07back
06 07DidUKnow
Enlargement from Back Cover
 06 07Highway118
Highway 118 in Muskoka - Cover Photo Location 
 Stonegate Huron 

 06 07barcode

Barcode used on this Map.