Folded Dimensions: 4.25" X 9.5"
Open Dimensions: 21" W X 33" H
Date Location: Front Cover
Cover Description: Dark blue with 4 small cartoon-like drawings; a couple by their car which parked near a tent; a fisherman pulling in a catch while seated in a boat; a skier coming down a snowy slope with a building in the background and a family with their dog at a picnic table with their car in the background.  The drawings are separated by a compass.  The Ontario Trillium logo appears at the top with additional text in gold/yellow and white.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Main Legend Side Features: Legend, Large map of Southern Ontario, Inset maps of Northern Ontario, The Chrysler Battlefield Park and the Niagara Parks Commission lands.
Opposite Side Features: Front & Rear cover, information pages, listings Picnic Areas, Conservation Authority Parks  and the St Lawrence Park Commission locations are listed in the golden area.  Provincial Parks, Ski Areas, Historic Sites, Museums and Exhibits are listed in the white area.
Premier: John P. Robarts
Minister: C. S. MacNaughton, Department of Highways
Other: Lithographed in Canada by Canada Lithographing Company
Note: This map was produced in conjunction with the Department to of Tourism and Information to promote picnic and camping areas within the province. 

Legend - The colors are whimsical and cartoon like - creating the " it is fun to vacation in Ontario" atmosphere.

Maps Enlargements
With the manner in which the map is folded... after the first unfold - this is what is presented the reader;
much in a book like form.
The map further unfolds to the left to reveal the picnicking presentation.
Or.... it opens to the right to show the camping information.
North Arrow used on this map