Folded Dimensions: 3.50" W X 9.50H"
Open Dimensions: 38" W X 24" H
Date Determination: There is no date shown on the map.  The actual map used in this issue is an exact reproduction of the map issued by the Ontario Department of Highways.  The legend indicates that the Provincial Highways were numbered 2 through to 31. Highway 31 was completed in 1927.  A lag time of one year from physical completion to the road being shown on the map is conceivable.  The plainness of the cover - no color or logo being used also speaks to the year of the map.  Production of colored covers would be subsequent to this map.
Cover Description: The cover is a light cream color - likely more close to white originally - with only black text on the cover - no illustrations.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario Side: 1" = 18.5 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Legend, title and map of Southern Ontario, index of cities, towns and villages, index of lakes, three colored illustrations of gas pumps. 
Opposite Side Features: Front and rear covers, 17 maps of cities, 1 larger map of "Main Highway Routes leading from Manitoba, Quebec an the United States of America through the Province of Ontario", three safety advertisements, mileage tables, a photograph of the "BA Safety Motor Oils & Gasolenes", a "Protect the Kiddies" feature.
Other: Compiled and drawn by D Barclay. A. Hay Chief Draughtsman

Pump1  Pump2
North Arrow Used On This Map