Folded Dimensions: 3.50" W X 9.75 H"
Open Dimensions: 45.25" W X 19.25" H
Date Determination: There is no date on this map.  Reference is made on the rear cover to 27 gold mines planning on beginning production in 1937.  This would infer that this map was not issued post 1937.  Copp Clark was the lithographer of this map and the Official Road Map of Ontario (ORMO) during this time period.  This B/A map indicates that there were 42 highways in the province.  The 1936-1937 ORMO indicates there were a total of 37 highways finished.  This would reflect the total at the time of production of the map -  late 1935 or early 1936.  The 1937-1938 issue reveals that there were 72 Provincial highways - an increase of 35 highways.   Other authorities suggest that highway 42 was completed in 1935 - with a lag time of completion and naming of the highway to it appearing on the map - it is reasonable to assume that although the ORMO did not include it in the 1936-1937 ORMO, it did appear on the Copp Clark produced map in 1936 or 1937.
Cover Description: Dark green background with "Ontario" across the top and "Road Map" in the lower cover.  An artistic drawing of a mining operation is portrayed on the cover.  A description of the mine is included on the back cover of the map.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario Side: 1" = 18.5 miles
           Northern Ontario Side: 1" = 18 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Title, Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, front and rear covers, Index of cities, town & villages, Index of Lakes, Canadian Customs Regulations, Extract of US Tariff Regulations, Mileage Tables, Routes to Winnipeg.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Northern Ontario, Map of Northwestern Ontario, Mileage Tables, Index of Cities, Towns and Villages, Autolene Motor Oil Advertisement, B/A Refineries Information, List of Broadcasting Stations in Ontario.
Other: Compiled and drawn by D Barclay. A. Hay Chief Draughtsman. Lithographed in Canada by Copp Clark Co. Ltd.
Note: Not sure why a small map entitled "Routes to Winnipeg" was included in this map.