Folded Dimensions: 3 ½" X 9 ½"
Open Dimensions: 18 ¾" X 38 ¼"
Date Determination:
Cover Description: A blue band across the top of the cover contains the title.  A colored illustration portrays a rosy cheeked lady driver who is apparently delighted with the clean rest rooms at the local B/A service station.  A red diagonal banner across the lower half of the cover claims that "B-A Rest Rooms are the 'Clean' Across Canada".  The bow-tie logo is below with a slogan.  A space is provided at the bottom for a dealer stamp.
Date Code:
Main Legend Side Features:
Opposite Side Features:
Other: Compiled and drawn by D Barclay. A. Hay Chief Draughtsman. Lithographed in Canada by Copp Clark Ltd., Toronto, ON.  Base map used in this edition is the same as the Official Road Map of Ontario produced by the Ontario Government.

I do not have this map in my collection, Dave Goforth; another member of the Road Map Collectors Association, has been kind enough to provide a scan of his map to me to be included in my web site.
The information above is based on what Dave supplied to me.