Folded Dimensions:
Open Dimensions:
Date Location: Bottom of " Things To See and Do" section. 
Cover Description: Map has cartoon feel to cover.  Blue border has fish and divers in purple.  Five cartoon illustrations surround the map cover.  The B/A logo is at the bottom of the cover and the text is red and dark green on a yellow center background.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Main Legend Side Features:
Opposite Side Features:
Other: Source map Rand McNally.  The rear panel advertises BA Outboard Motor Oil. The body of the map is overlaid with cartoons of particular attractions: Niagara Falls, the CNE, Stratford, Ottawa, etc. Inset information includes a small scale map of Northern Ontario, locations of provincial and national parks, campgrounds and trailer parks sorted by highway number, swimming and fishing opportunities and on the body of the map, all BA (marine) Dockside Fueling Points in Ontario.
Note: Illustrations by R. G. McLean Limited.

I do not have this map in my collection, Dave Goforth; another member of the Road Map Collectors Association, has been kind enough to provide a scan of his map to me to be included in my web site.
The information above is based on what Dave supplied to me.