Folded Dimensions: 4" W X 9H"
Open Dimensions: 34" W X 18" H
Date Location: Copyright Date in Title area and date coded
Cover Description: A green area across the top displays the company name.  Below, a red area contains the map title.  Eight colored illustrations below show some of the activities that are presumably available in Metropolitan Toronto.  A palm tree. fishing, skiing and cactus are included in the drawings ?
Date Code: 10 EE 708 S (EE = 1957)
Scale: 1" = 6/10's miles
Main Features: One side of the map features the west half of the city and other side - the eastern half.  The western side has the beginning of the Index to Streets list, a map of Lakeview and map title/scale area.  The eastern side has a continuation of the street listings, front and rear covers and a map of Scarborough Township.
Other: Lithographed in the USA by the H. M. Gousha Company, Chicago, San Jose.
Note: Safety slogan across the top of both sides of the map; " Be Careful! The life you save may be your own."  Also included, " Stop at the Green and White Sign of Cities Service for local directions.



Date Code



Click for map of Scarborough Township and Lakeview area.