Folded Dimensions:  4" W X 9H"
Open Dimensions: 18" H X 30.5" W
Date Location: Copyright Date in Legend and Date Code - lower left corner of map "in" Lake Erie.
Cover Description: A red title area spans the top of the cover.  An illustration of a happy Cities Service attendant, holding a gas nozzle, waves to a customer below and in a red area across the bottom of the cover is a slogan, " For People Going Places". 
Date Code: 11-GG-562-J
Scale: Southern Ontario Side: 1" = 17.1 miles
           Northern Ontario Side: 1" = 34 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Southern Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, Map Key of Canada, Points of Interest, Index of Cities, Towns and Villages, Provincial Data, Oils First Century Note, maps of North Bay - Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto, London and Windsor.
Opposite Side Features: Front and Rear Covers, Northern Legend, Map of Northern Ontario, Mileage Table, Tourist Regulations, Index of Cities, Towns and Villages, Index of Lakes, Maps of Muskoka Lakes, Ottawa, Brantford, Kingston, Peterborough, Kitchener, Hamilton, Buffalo - Niagara Falls.
Other: Lithographed by H. M. Gousha
Note: This map was a gift from Deputy Minister Ron McKerlie, Associate Secretary of the Ontario Cabinet, Sept, 2008.



My thanks to Deputy Minister McKerlie.  After I lent some maps to assist in the preparation of the Topical Quarterly - an Ontario Government Publication - he was kind enough to show his appreciation by providing me with the 1959 Cities Service map now in my collection. 
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N Legend
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