Folded Dimensions: 4" W X 8" H
Open Dimensions: 24" W X 31" H
Date Location: Cover & Legend
Cover Description: Dark blue background with yellow oval near the top bearing the map title.  Numerous dealer signs cascade into the distance.  A sedan is cresting a hill below the sign and the company name appears in red across the bottom of the cover.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Scale: 1" = 14 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Front & Rear covers, Legend and map of Southern Ontario, Index of Cities, Towns & Villages, Mileage Table, map of Northeastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Citigrams information.
Opposite Side Features:  Two legends and maps of Eastern Canada (one of the Maritime Provinces and one of Eastern Ontario and Quebec).  Index of Cities, towns & villages for both maps, Citigram information.
Note: There are 3 maps within this map.  
Map 1 occupies one side, is labelled Ontario and extends as far east as Kingston.
Map 2 occupies opposite side, is labelled Quebec, and includes eastern Ontario.
Map 3 occupies opposite side, is labelled Eastern Canada, and includes eastern Quebec and the Maritimes.

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