Folded Dimensions: 4" W X 8.5 H"
Open Dimensions: 33.5" W X 24" H
Date Location: Legend
Cover Description: Red upper title area bearing the company brand and "ONTARIO" title.  A colored illustrations below shows two pheasants near a tree stump in a natural setting.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario Side: 1" = 13.25 miles
           Northern Ontario Side: 1" = 21 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, inset map of Eastern Ontario, maps of Downtown Hamilton, London, Ottawa and Windsor. Travel Service advertisement, Free Literature Advertisement.
Opposite Side Features: Legend & Map of Northern Ontario, front and rear cover, index of cities, towns and villages, Principal Parks in Ontario, map of Downtown Toronto, Mileage Chart.
Other: Lithographed in Canada  by General Drafting
Note: The maps produced by General Drafting for Esso from the late 1950's through the mid 1960's were almost identical except for the covers and minor road changes.   Please look at the other maps from this time period to get a sense what this map was like as well.

Cover RearCover
Rear Cover Text:
The Pheasant - Few birds have such distinguished origins.  Brought from his native Asia Minor to Europe by the Greeks, bequeathed to Britain by the conquering Romans and finally introduced to western U.S.A. in the 1880's, this much prized game bird is now found in a wide belt across central North America.   Ontario's largest colony is at Pelee Island, Lake Erie.
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