Folded Dimensions: 4" W X 8.5 H"
Open Dimensions: 24" W X 25" H
Date Location: Legend
Cover Description: White background with a thing brown and green border around the edge.  The title and Esso logo appear at the top and below is an illustration of the RMS Segwun by Canadian artist Glen Arnold.  A description of the ship appears on the rear cover.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Scale: Eastern Ontario Side: 1" = 6 miles
           Western Ontario Side: 1" = 4.6 miles
Eastern Side Features: Legend, Map of the eastern portion of the province, profiles of the Trent and Rideau Canal systems, Hints on Navigation, "About The Weather" feature, Traffic Buoys, Front and Rear Covers, Index of communities, Index of rivers and streams. Points of Interest.
Western Side Features: Legend, Map of western portion of the province, inset key map.
Other: Lithographed in Canada  by General Drafting
Note: This map is focused on two canal systems in Central Ontario - the Trent Canal System and the Rideau Canal system.  Other waterways are shown on the map along with only main highways. This map is virtually identical to the 1965 version except for the year mentioned in the Legends.

Cover RearCover
Legend Legend2
This key map shows how the two different sides of the Cruising Map are broken down into an eastern and western half.
Weather Buoys


Rideau Canal - South End


Rideau Canal - North End


Trent Canal - Northwest End


Trent Canal - Southest End

A  sample of the map.  The Trent Canal at its' western end is in yellow.   The major roads are labelled, the minor roads are not.