Folded Dimensions: 4" W X 8.5 H"
Open Dimensions: 33.5" W X 24" H
Date Location: Legend
Cover Description: Color photograph of two men and a woman walking on rocks near a river in Burleigh Falls, Ontario.  Sumac bushes are in the foreground and trees beginning to change to autumn colors are in the background.  A frame surrounds the picture; the Esso logo is inside the frame near the bottom of the cover and the title "Ontario" is in the top solid green area of the cover.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario Side: 1" = 13.9 miles
           Northern Ontario Side: 1" = 31 miles
           Northern Ontario Continuation: 1" = 207 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, Principal Public Park Recreation Areas, map of Montréal, Travel Service and Voyageur Service advertisements, maps of downtown Ottawa, the City of Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, London, and Windsor and Ontario St. Lawrence Parks chart.
Opposite Side Features: Legend & Map of Northern Ontario, front and rear cover, Northern Continuation inset map, Travel Service and Voyageur Service advertisements, maps of Thunder Bay, Toronto and vicinity and Downtown Toronto.  Ontario Sight Seeing Guide, mileage chart and index of cities, towns and villages of Ontario.
Other: Lithographed in Canada  by General Drafting

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