Folded Dimensions: 4.25 " X 9 "
Open Dimensions: 28.5 " W X 18 " H
Date Location: In legend and date code lower edge of Ontario side in Lake Erie
Cover Description: The title is in the top protion of the cover.  Below is an illustration of a motorist traveling down the slight grade of a road with a Gulf station ahead on the left.  Trees line the street and a Gulf logo is at the bottom of the cover along with the company slogan.
Date Code: 4-5208-16
Scale: Ontario side - 1" = 20.3 miles
           Quebec Side - 1" = 20.3miles
Ontario Side Features: Legend, map of Southern Ontario, Tourgide Information, smaller maps of area around Lake Superior, Toronto and Ottawa, index of Ontario cities and towns.
Quebec Side Features: Legend, Map of Quebec, front and rear covers, cities and towns of Quebec, map Gaspe Peninsula, Northeastern Ontario and Western Quebec map.
Other: Lithographed in the USA - by Rand McNally Co.
Note: On Back cover - Form A.D. - 8971 - H -4A.  This was the first year that the new Gulf Logo was used on their road maps. 

ONLegend QULEgend


Date Code