Folded Dimensions: 3.75 " X 7.5 "
Open Dimensions: 25.25 " W X 14.75 " H
Date Location: Copyright date in legend and date code lower edge of Ontario side in Lake Erie
Cover Description: Title across the top of the cover.  The map features an artists rendition of a modern Gulf station.  Two vehicles are at the pumps and one motorist is about to depart the lot.  The "stop at the sign of the orange disk" logo is at the bottom of the cover.
Date Code: 70647-10
Scale: Ontario side - 1" = 25 miles
           Quebec Side - 1" = 22miles
Ontario Side Features: Explanation of Map Symbols, map of Southern Ontario,  smaller maps of area around Lake Superior, Toronto and Ottawa, Gulf Tourgide Bureau Information. index of Ontario and Quebec cities and towns.
Quebec Side Features: Map of Quebec, front and rear covers, maps of Montréal, Northeastern Ontario and Western Quebec, Quebec City, Baie-Comeau.
Other: Lithographed in the USA - by Rand McNally Co.
Note: On Back cover - Form S. P. 11189-0A

Title Symbols