Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 26.5" W X 20 " H
Date Location: Date code - Bottom edge of Lake Erie area.
Cover Description: Red background with SHELL spelled out diagonally from the upper left to the lower right corner of the cover.  The Shell Logo is beside the word Shell and "Ontario" is near the top.  "Travel With Confidence" is near the bottom.
Date Code: 358 - J.C.  M - 1  (M = 1939)
Scale: 1" = 19 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: Title & Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, Index of Cities & Towns, Shell Metropolitan Maps information, Shell Touring Service.
Opposite Side Features: Front and Rear covers, Ontario Mileage Chart, Maps of the Muskoka Lakes, Western Canada and Northwestern Ontario and Western Quebec.
Other: Copyrighted by the H. M. Gousha Company, Lithographed in the USA

OntarioLegend WesternLegend