Folded Dimensions: 4" X 8.75"
Open Dimensions: 23.75" W X 17.75 " H
Date Location: Date code - Bottom edge in Lake Ontario area - Toronto side of map.
Cover Description: Yellow Background with large Shell logo predominating the cover.  "Travel With Confidence" appears across the bottom of the cover along with "You Can Be Sure of Shell".  Map title is centered below logo.
Date Code: 12-H-1940-1
Scale: 1" = 6/10's Mile
Toronto Side Features: Title, Map of Toronto, Index of Streets.  The Corporation of Metropolitan Toronto was not formed until 1953.  Therefore this map contains street listings for Toronto, Forest Hill Village, Leaside, Mimico, Swansea and Weston.  There are areas outside of these established areas which were listed under the heading of Unincorporated Suburbs.
Opposite Side Features: Front and Rear covers, Metropolitan Toronto and Vicinity map and Hamilton and Vicinity map.
Other: Copyrighted by the H. M. Gousha Company, Lithographed in the USA.
Note: Interestingly - although this is titled as a map of Toronto and Hamilton - there is not a proper map of the City of Hamilton or street index for Hamilton included.  The only map of Hamilton is the one showing the city and vicinity.

The Toronto and Vicinity scan was too large to fit on page - so I have broken it into the west and east halves.
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Hamilton Vicinity Icon
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Sample of the street Index.