Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 30.5" W X 18 " H
Date Location: Copyright date in title and lower right corner of map.
Cover Description: A color photograph occupies the lower 3/4's of the cover and a white area with the title "ONTARIO" and the new shell logo is in the top 1/4.  The photograph is of two boats traveling along a water way near a rocky shore in a forested area.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario 1" = 20 Miles
           Northern Ontario 1" = 35.5 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: Title & Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, Index of Cities & Towns, Index to Points of Interest, map of Niagara Frontier, mileage chart, Government Recreation Areas -  Southern Ontario, Radio Log.
Opposite Side Features: Front and Rear covers, Title, legend and map Northern Ontario Map & Index, Index of Northern Ontario, Government Recreation Areas -  Northern Ontario, maps of London, Windsor, Metropolitan Toronto, Central Ontario, Waterloo, Burlington, Brantford and Peterborough, Canadian Customs Regulations.
Other: Copyrighted by Rolph-Clark-Stone
Note: A small circle appears in the upper right corner.


Front and Rear Covers are Identical
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