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Date Location: Copyright on lower right corner of map.
Cover Description: A color photograph of an Eskimo carving is shown.  (Description is below). The are above the photograph bears the map title and Shell Company logo.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario 1" = 20 Miles
           Northern Ontario 1" = 39 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: Title & Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, Index of Cities & Towns, Index to Points of Interest, Map of Niagara Frontier, Shell 1867 Restaurant information, Shell Touring Service Information,  Keep Canada Beautiful, Government Recreation Parks - Southern Ontario, Pictures you See When you Travel By Car, Credit Card Info.
Opposite:  Front and rear covers, Northern Ontario Map & Index, Map of Toronto, Government Recreation Parks - Northern Ontario, Mileage Chart, Pictures You See when You Travel By Car,  Public Recreation Areas.
Other: Copyrighted by Rolph-Clark-Stone Ltd., Toronto
Note: The number II is on the upper left corner of the corner.


Rear Cover Text:
Mother and Child With Fish:  by Lucassie of Ikaluit (one of a series of Eskimo carvings).  Classic, strong, serene, the theme of mother and child is a favorite with Canada's Eskimo artists.  When Lucassie carved this group he had winter thoughts, for the furred parka hood is raised sheltering mother and child from the harsh sea winds.  At Ikaluit there are many fish and seals in the bay.  (Caribou come there, too, sometimes.)  Lucassie's culture as an Eskimo and feeling as an artist give power and tenderness to this simple family scene.
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