Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 34.5" W X 18 " H
Date Location: Legend
Cover Description: A color photograph of "Eurypterus Lacustris" - an extinct crab-like animal of 400 million years ago - see rear cover for further description.  The are above the photograph bears the map title and Shell Company logo.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario 1" = 18 Miles
           Northern Ontario 1" = 39 Miles
Main Legend Side Features: Title & Legend, Map of Southern Ontario, Index of Cities & Towns, Index to Points of Interest, Maps of London, Detroit - Windsor, North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie, Mileage chart, Shell 1867 Restaurant information, front and rear covers.
Opposite: Northern Ontario Map & Index, Maps of Red Lake area, Buffalo - Niagara Falls, Toronto and Vicinity, Downtown Ottawa, Street index Ottawa, Hamilton, Public Recreation Areas.
Other: Copyrighted by the Creative Sales Corporation, Lithographed in Canada
Note: Although there is a 1972 copyright date on this Ontario map, another Ontario map was issued with a Copyright date of 1972-1974.  This could have been done due to the introduction of the new company logo.