Folded Dimensions: 3.75" X 10.5"
Open Dimensions: 31" W X 10.5" H
Date Location: Not located on map.  See Below.
Cover Description: Red areas at top and bottom of cover with a black and white aerial photograph in the center of a major thoroughfare with overpasses.  The Supertest logo is superimposed over the photograph.  The title is at the top of the cover and the company name and space for dealer stamp is at the bottom.
Date Code: "40" on main side, lower right corner
Scale: Both sides - 1" = 18 miles
Ontario Side Features: Title, legend, map of Southern Ontario, small insert map of Northwestern Ontario, "Morning Check-up" advertisement, Ontario mileage table, Credit Card information, Ontario side front cover."
Quebec Side Features: Title, legend, Map Southern Quebec and part of Eastern Ontario, Quebec Mileage Table, Credit Card Information, 2 Supertest Advertisements and Quebec side front cover.
Other: Produced by the Map Speciality Company, Printed by Reid Brothers, London, ON

The demands of World War II and shortage of supplies quite often meant that maps were prepared and then not printed for distribution until years later.    Although this map has no date on it - it is believed it is the 1947 version - the last year to be issued without a date.
In 1948 Copp Clark began preparing maps for Supertest and they were dated.
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