Folded Dimensions: 3.75" X 9.75"
Open Dimensions: 29" W X 19.5" H
Date Location: In Title Box of Map and copyright date, lower right corner.
Cover Description: Green background with view of the top of a jet fighter leaving a wake behind.
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Main Legend Side Features: Legend, Title, Large map of Southern Ontario, Inset map of Northern Ontario, Index of Cities, Towns and Principal Villages, Mileage Table, Front and rear cover.
Opposite Side Features: Same as main side, except the province of Quebec is featured.
Other: Lithographed in Canada by Rolph Clark Stone
Note: This 1954 map, like other Supertest maps from the period, had reversible covers with one cover featuring Ontario and the other featuring Québec. This allowed Supertest to use a single map to cover the two provinces in which the company marketed.   The 1954 cover was essentially the same as the 1955 one except for "Road Map of Ontario" being blue on the '54 cover.







Northern Ontario