Folded Dimensions: 3.75" X 9.75
Open Dimensions: 29" W X 19.5" H
Date Location: In the Legend and Copyright date in lower right corner.
Cover Description: Supertest Orange background with two white circles.  The upper circle holds the Supertest logo and the lower one contains the slogan, " The One Stop That Keeps You Going".  The title of the map is across the top of the cover and the older Supertest logo and company name are at the bottom.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale: Southern Ontario Side - 1" = 18 miles
           Quebec Side - 1" = 28 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Title, legend, map of Southern Ontario, index of cities, towns and principal villages, front and rear covers in English, inset map of Northern Ontario, mileage table.
Opposite Side Features: Title, legend, Map of Quebec, inset map of Gaspe' Peninsula, front and rear covers in French, mileage table.
Other: Compiled, reproduced, and lithographed in Canada by Rolph Clark Stone Ltd., Toronto