Folded Dimensions: 
Open Dimensions: 22" X 32.5"
Date Location: Copyright in bottom right margin of map.
Cover Description: A dark blue area at the top contains the company name.  The top have of the cover is sky blue in color, while the bottom half has a yellow road with green grass and yellow fields bordering it.  Trees seems to be changing to autumn colors.  Drives of three colorful vehicles are using the four lane roadway are reminded by large roadside signs to "Drive Carefully".
Date Code:Non Applicable
Scale: 1" = Approximately 18 miles on Southern Ontario Side
Main Legend Side Features: Map of Southern Ontario, Title / Legend, Map of Toronto Inset, Points of Interest of Toronto, Index to Cities, Towns and Principal Villages, Map of Northern Ontario and Western Quebec.
Opposite Side Features: Map of Quebec with inset title/Legend, Map of Quebec City, Map & Points of Interest of Montreal, Map of Maritime Provinces with title/Legend, Inset map of Cape Breton Island, Cover, Index to Cities Towns and Principal Villages of Quebec and the Maritime Provinces
Other: Lithographed by Rolph-Clark-Stone, Toronto, ON

  1938 Cover
  1938 Title
  1938 Toronto
1938 Index
Sample of Index of Towns and Cities from Ontario side