Folded Dimensions: 3.75 " X 9 "
Open Dimensions: 30.5" W X 18" H
Date Location: Date Code, lower edge of map, "in Lake Erie".  "1964 Edition" below legend.
Cover Description: White background with red "Ontario" title across the top.  Two Texaco stations are shown in color drawings; the top one in a rural setting with a blue sedan pulling out of the station and a red automobile passing on a divided highway.  The lower drawing shows a red car passing a Texaco in a city landscape.  A station sign is imposed over the two drawings with the company logo across the bottom of the cover.   The face of the happy Texaco dealer has been added to this cover, after being absent from previous covers of a similar design.
Date Code: 11-LL-562J  (LL= 1964)
Scale: Southern Ontario Side: 1: = 17.1 miles
           Northern Ontario Side: 1" = 34 miles
Main Legend Side Features: Legend, map of Southern Ontario, Index of Cities, Towns and Villages, Provincial Data, maps of North Bay, London, Windsor, Toronto, Key Map of Canada, Points of Interest, Provincial Data.
Opposite Side Features: Legend and map of Northern Ontario, index of Cities, Towns & Villages, mileage chart, front and rear covers, maps of Central Ontario, Ottawa, Kingston, Brantford, Peterborough, Kitchener, Hamilton and Buffalo-Niagara Falls and Tourist Regulations.
Other: Lithographed in the USA by The H.M. Gousha Company
Note: See below for maps of municipalities mentioned above.  Bilingual Map.

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Municipalities - Click on City Name to see map for that location.