Folded Dimensions: 3 ½" X 9 ½"
Open Dimensions: 18 ¾" X 38 ¼"
Date Determination: Many thanks to John Buckberrough for his untiring reserach into B/A related products.  He has spent considerable time looking into this
particular map with the goal of accurately dating it. He has gathered facts from various sources and made the following determinations to accurately date the map. 
"After close examination, it now appears that the main body of the map is actually a reproduction of the 1948 Ontario “official”, complete with the chief draughtsman’s name (Adam Hay) in the lower left corner.
- On the map’s lower margin, right of centre, it says “Lithographed in Canada” without further elaboration.
- Highways 102 (Dundas-Hamilton bypass), 103 (Waubushene-north) 104 (Hwy. 9-Grand Valley), 2A (Westhill-Oshawa) and 2S (Gananoque-Brockville) are depicted, though not numbered. Highways 102, 2A and 2S are listed in the mileage tables. Highway 400 is shown as under construction.
- The maps on the reverse of the main appear to be examples of the more rudimentary cartography used by Copp Clark (1936-47), leading me to believe that they were the printers of record for this map – in 1948.
- This year seems to have been one of transition for BA and their maps. The BA map of AB/BC (rev. SK/MB) has a similar cover illustration but is definitely a Copp Clark design and production. I’ve not seen an example of Quebec (rev. Maritimes) for further verification.
- The city maps produced that year, Toronto/Hamilton (from Dave Goforth’s collection) and Vancouver/Victoria and Montreal (in my own collection) all have comparable cover illustrations but all are Goshua maps and can be positively dated 1948 from their coding.
- In 1949, the entire map run was produced by Goshua (ending in 1951). More importantly, 1949 was the year that BA introduced the teardrop or oil drop roundel, which gradually supplanted the bowtie logo. The bowtie logo gradually moved, first to the back cover of maps, then to the interior corners and legends of maps and finally disappeared after 1956."
Cover Description:  A mainly green cover with B/A bow-tie logo. The words "Road" "Map" have an illustration between them - which is smaller vignettes of significant features of the provinces.
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Main Legend Side Features:
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Other: Compiled and drawn A. Hay Chief Draughtsman. Lithographed in Canada, although not stated on the map, it is believed the map was produced by Copp Clark Ltd., Toronto, ON.