Folded Dimensions: 4 ¼" X 9 ½" 
Open Dimensions: 24" X 38"
Date Determination:
Cover Description: The cover is a light cream color - likely more close to white originally - with only red and black text on the cover.  The words "Welcome Shiners" spans the upper portion of the cover along with the Shriner's logo.  The title is in the center of the cover in an overlapping keystone shape.  Compliments of the British American Oil Company is on the bottom portion of the map. 
Date Code: Non-Applicable
Main Legend Side Features:
Opposite Side Features:
Other: The map used in this special edition is the base map used by the Government of Ontario in their Official Road Map of Ontario. Compiled and drawn by D Barclay. A. Hay Chief Draughtsman
Note: Thank you to Bill Walraven for sharing this map.

 1930 Shriners Postcard
Postcard from the 1930 Toronto Shriner's Convention