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Cover Description: White background with B/A Logo in the center.  A green band across the bottom contains the words "Metropolitan Toronto and Hamilton".  Five colored drawings appear on the remainder of the cover; early traders dealing with Indians; a six horse drawn carriage approaching a man; two horses; a horseless carriage near a an early street car; a lady entering a TTC subway station with a man walking towards modern looking buildings.
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Other: Many thanks to John Buckberrough for providing this mapcover for the website.
Note: Compiled, Reproduced, Lithographed in Canada by Rolph Clark Stone Ltd. Toronto

 1955 Toronto Hamilton Cover




To the right - The Changing Face of the Don Mills area of Toronto.  This series of maps over a three period reflects the devleopment going on during the mid 1950's.  This is typical of many areas in the Greater Toronto Area.

 Don Mills