John Buckberrough; our BA authority, has provided a few pages from Commentator; the BA employee magazine.  This article is from April of 1963 and there is a supplemental article from the June 1964 issue at the end.  The articles describe the map making process used by BA's Travel Bureau and some history behind the artisit responsible for the bird series of map covers BA used from 1963 - 1967; J. Fenwick Lansdowne.
Mr. Lansdowne, who died in 2008 was/is a pre-eminent Canadian artist who specialised in bird life, pre-dating the popularity of Robert Bateman. His original art and reproductions have continued to hold their values in the art market. It would be interesting to know of the fate of the 19 original pieces which were used for the map series.
His selection as the cover artist for the map series, which lasted from 1963-67, was likely engineered by Thor Hansen; who for 35 years was BA’s in-house art director. Hansen was a tireless creator and promoter of Canadian art and design, who delivered 1000+ public lectures on these subjects during his career.  As well, there would have been the involvement of James Lovick, who’s advertising firm was the long-time BA representative (as well as a tenant of their HQ building at 800 Bay Street in Toronto).
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and from the June 1964 issue of Commentator;
Bird Maps