Folded Dimensions: 4" X 9"
Open Dimensions: 21.25" X 34"
Date Location: Lower Right corner of map - beside copyright
Cover Description: White area across the top bears the title in bold black letters.  Six layered colored illustrations below the title stand above a black area which contains the company logo and name.
Date Code: Non Applicable
Scale: 1" = 16.4 miles
Main Legend Side Features: nap of Southern Ontario with Title / Legend, Index of towns, cities and villages, Gallon Conversion Table
Opposite Side Features: map of Western Provinces with Title/Legend, Map of Northern Ontario with title / legend, Index to Northern Ontario Map, Mileage Table, Canadian Customs Regulations, Front rear cover, tail piece for cover, Map of Ottawa
Other: Copyright Rolph Clark Stone Ltd., Toronto, 1963

1963 Cover 

1963 Rear Cover 

1963 Legend

1963 TailTail Piece of Cover
1963 Date Code
Date Code